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Sable's Story



Before Q96 the picture on the left was the typical facial expression for Sable. She was not upset or angry in this picture this was her typical everyday expression. Sable has been in and out of hospitals for 6 years and has been given several diagnoses: Bi-Polar, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Unspecified Mood Disorder, Depression, Asperger’s/Autism Class 1, Cyclic Depression with rapid cycles, Borderline Personality Disorder and the list goes on.


My husband, Jason, heard about Q96 on Glenn Beck and said the first time he heard about it that all he could think of was this is what would help her. He was still hesitant because we didn’t know anything about the product.  So he started researching all he could find out about it. He did this for a month before coming to me with it and talking to me about trying this with her.  I got the number from him and decided to call and ask questions.  I called and spoke with David S., he provided me great information for my questions and information for me to provide to the doctor at the facility where my daughter was placed.  I placed the order and talked to the facility to make sure they would let her have the Q96 there.


The doctor at the facility was very unsure about providing these nutrients but he did so begrudgingly.  When Sable started to show improvement he still did not believe that the changes could be due to the micronutrients. However, he could not explain the changes as there was no change to her medications or her treatment. After Sable was on them for a month and a half she was able to identify her emotions and what was causing them.  At 2 months she was able to interact with her counselor and staff and ask for help in processing emotions and behavior.  After 4 ½ months on the product she is now able to step down to a facility that is not a lock down hospitalized setting.


I am thankful for the discovery of the Q96 products and the changes they are making in my family.  The picture in the middle is after being on Q96 for 1 1/2 months and the right is Sable now after 4 1/2months.




Annett L.



My Q Story - Margo Johnson


My name is Margo Johnson and this is My Q Story.

I am a 40-year-old mother of four. My husband (and high-school sweetheart) and I have been married for 21 years. Like any wife or mother who sees her family hurting, I sought help from doctors to find relief. After many assessments and referrals, I came to find some bleak realities. 

For my daughter specifically it was a disheartening experience for sure. I could not believe that this child, who came to me bursting with energy and enthusiasm for life, was meant to live this way—opportunity for any quality of life forgone. 

It was in this same month that I received an email forwarded from my mother introducing me to EMPowerplus™ Q96, a micronutrient formula used to stabilize mood and support overall brain function. I was willing to try anything. I saw improvement in her moods within the first week. I was overwhelmed at the improvement but even more so that we had seemingly helped her discover a healthier, happier life. 

It was by strange coincidence, or more likely divine intervention, that I heard about a seminar being held right in Mesa, Arizona, regarding this micronutrient I had been ordering online. I attended both nights and after what I had already witnessed, I had reason for great hope. The people I met through the seminars have since proven to be an unexpected and unbelievable support system. 

Today, every member of my family takes EMPowerplus™ Q96 daily and it has changed the course of our lives. Each one of us is happier and functioning better, the peace and joy has returned to our home in a way I never believed possible.



Q NOTE: For the Mom's everywhere --- Q it UP!

Daren and Tony,

Last night we had a milestone in our family. Tyce gave his first Bible reading at the Kingdom Hall!!! This would have NEVER happened without Q! His anxiety was so overwhelming that he could not even play with children his own age, let alone stand up in front of 100 people and read a passage from the Bible. Since starting Q96 we have the calm little boy that was locked away under anxiety, rage and fear. 
We cannot say enough about our journey with Q and how thankful we are that men like yourselves are at the helm keeping the integrity of this life changing product!

From a proud and thankful Mom



My Q Story - Denise Griffin


A year ago today I took my first two capsels of eMPowerplus Q96. It has changed my life forever:) Big Thank yous go out to all who supported me through this journey 9 months med free:) I'm alive Jesus has set me free, now it's time to go do his work:) thank you Heavenly Father Big thank you to my mom and dad, joe Chae and Eli for never giving up on me and continuing to show me love. I love you guys so much:) 


My Q Story - Dr. Keith Robbins



My Q Story!

My Name is Dr. Keith Robbins. I am a chiropractic physician and this is My Q Story…

I was first introduced to Q Sciences and EMPowerplus™ Q96 by my brother, who wanted me to check out the product and give him my honest opinion. When I found it was from a direct marketing company, I deliberately put it aside (for 30 days!). After a month I figured I had better check it out, and tell my brother that it was worth neither his time nor mine—Was I ever WRONG.

As I started to look over the research, I quickly learned that I was looking at something special—something unlike any product I had ever seen. I decided that I would try it for myself.

Within a few days I noticed I was a bit more calm, but nothing huge or earth shattering. That was until my office manager at my clinic asked: “Dr. Robbins, what has happened… you have been so nice and happy these past few days?!” What? I am always nice and happy? Or so I thought. A short time later, my wife and mother made similar statements. Hmmm what was this stuff?

Something was definitely happening to me, and those closest to me were noticing it even if I didn’t. I quickly got back to my brother and let him know that he needed to try this EMPowerplus™ Q96. Then the MAGIC happened again.

My brother, who deals with certain mood disorders, would rarely spend time with us (his family) when we would come to visit. He would retire quickly to his room. That is until he started taking EMPowerplus™ Q96 consistently. It wasn’t long before he started to stay out and participate in family activities!! My kids even commented on how excited they were to actually spend time with their uncle.

EMPowerplus™ Q96 (and now Qssentials and all the Q Products) is the real deal!! This is My Q Story and I am sticking by it!!!




My Q Story!

My name is Gena Griffin Tisdale and this is My Q Story.

My daughter Charley who is five years old has been taking EMPowerplus™ Q96 Berries and Banana for five months now. By nature I am a skeptic; I'm a logical thinker, pragmatist, and a realist. I have been watching my sister Denise and her experience with Q Sciences for a year now. In the beginning I stood by waiting for it to fail her. Not for her to fail but for Q Sciences to fail. It wasn't until I spoke with my Nephew Eli in May that I thought wow—maybe there really is something to this. All of his challenges prior to taking EMPowerplus™ Q96 sounded very similar to those I had observed in Charley. And if it could help her in the same way it appeared to be helping Eli, then I had nothing to lose.

Charley is an extremely bright child, though she has had her challenges. They became more pronounced after two and by age four they were having a real impact on her schooling and social interaction with other children. Some of her challenges included: restless sleep, aggressive and destructive behavior, sadness, lack of focus, and nervousness. 

Since being on EMPowerplus™ Q96 Berries and Banana we have noticed a remarkable difference. I am no longer a skeptic and am only happy that my daughter is free in her mind. She is not cured—she is who she is—and that is why she is special. Her challenges now, though, are manageable and no longer hold her back. She is flourishing!

I feel so appreciative that this product has been shared. Charley has a shot now at a real childhood—one where she herself is not holding back. She laughs now, smiles, makes eye contact, and her teachers cannot believe the difference. They have said she is focused, is one of the first to the circle mat for joint learning, and is so cooperative with helping to clean up. Thank you Q Sciences from the bottom of my heart!