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EMPowerplus Q96

What ingredients are contained in EMPowerplus Q96?

What is the recommended dosage for EMPowerplus Q96 for children and adults?

The recommended dosage for adults is two capsules or tablets twice per day.

For children, the recommended dosage varies by age:

  • For children under two years old, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of one
  • capsule per day.
  • For children ages 2-3, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of two capsules per
  • day.
  • For children ages 3-5, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of three capsules
  • per day.
  • For children five years and above, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of four
  • capsules per day.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 cause stomach upset?

Though EMPowerplus Q96 has very minimal side effects, some may experience stomach upset due to the vitamin and mineral content, especially when first taking the product. Taking EMPowerplus Q96 with food, such as a banana or yogurt, can help ease the problem.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 cause headaches?

Though rare, some may experience headaches when first taking the product, due to the mineral and
vitamin content. If headaches occur, we recommend that you reduce your daily intake to one tablet or
capsule daily, and slowly increase to one twice per day, up to the recommended adult dosage of two twice
per day.

Can I stop taking my other prescribed medications now that I’m taking Qssentials and/or EMPowerplus

QSciences does not prescribe or claim to cure, prevent or mitigate any disease. Do not change your
course of prescribed medication without consulting your healthcare provider.

What is MicroNutrient SupportTM? How can I contact them?

MicroNutrient SupportTM is an independent, third party specializing in micronutrient and mental health
research and education. Over the last 15 years, MicroNutrient SupportTM has compiled the most extensive
collection of data and research about micronutrient products and supplementation programs available
anywhere in the world. They provide this information to individuals and health care providers.
If you or your customers have questions about EMPowerplus Q96 that aren’t addressed in corporate
literature or communications, you may contact MicroNutrient SupportTM at 1-866-397-3116 or at

What research has been conducted on EMPowerplus Q96?

EMPowerplus Q96 is the most-researched micronutrient formula in the world, with over $25 million in
independent research (no funding from Q Sciences) conducted at 16 universities in four countries,
including Harvard University. It is also the subject of 22 studies published in peer-reviewed medical
journals, and has been shown to positively impact mood, brain health and behavior in a variety of
conditions. Visit qsciences.com to learn more about the research behind EMPowerplus Q96 and to view
study abstracts and full reports.

Are the vitamin levels in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

EMPowerplus Q96 contains a safe blend of micronutrients and has been used for over 17 years by tens of
thousands of people on a daily basis, with no evidence of toxicity. 22 clinical studies have been conducted
on EMPowerplus Q96, none of which have demonstrated any toxicity.

What is the best way to give EMPowerplus Q96 to children?

Opening the capsule and mixing EMPowerplus Q96 into food is a good option for children if they cannot
swallow pills. Q Sciences also offers EMPowerplus Q96 in a flavored powder form that can be mixed with
liquid and is great for kids.

What is the recommended dosage for EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana?

The dosage for Berries & Banana is the same as the capsule and tablet forms of EMPowerplus Q96. One
rounded scoop of EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana is equivalent to two capsules or tablets of
EMPowerplus Q96.

Can pregnant or nursing women take EMPowerplus Q96?

In all cases where there is a known UL (Tolerable Upper Limit) for specific nutrients in pregnancy, 4
capsules of EMPowerplus Q96 is below this level. Although our medical advisory board considers
EMPowerplus Q96 safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding, pregnant or nursing women should always consult their healthcare provider before beginning any new supplement program, including EMPowerplus Q96.

At what age can children begin taking EMPowerplus Q96?

The studies done on EMPowerplus Q96 go down to 2 years old. Our medical board advises waiting until a
child reaches at least 18 months and is eating solid food normally to begin taking EMPowerplus Q96.

Does it matter if I use warm or cold water with the EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana powder?

Warm liquids may decrease bioavailability somewhat, but may also make some components absorb
more rapidly. It’s probably a wash overall, so use what is most convenient for you and your family.
Will EMPowerplus Q96 impact drug tests?
No, EMPowerplus Q96 will not change any drug urine test.

Is EMPowerplus Q96 covered by insurance companies?

Some health insurance in Canada covers EMPowerplus Q96, but most U.S. insurance companies do not
cover supplements, even with a doctor’s prescription. Check with your insurance provider for more

Does EMPowerplus Q96 cause weight gain?

EMPowerplus Q96 should not cause weight gain or a significant increase in appetite. The best thing to do
if you find yourself gaining weight is to get more exercise and fill up on fresh, leafy vegetables.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 help with addiction issues?

EMPowerplus Q96 is a great aid to help boost the fight against addiction. Most addictions key off of the
lack of dopamine and adrenalin that so often occur with stress and genetic predisposition. The amino
acid components in EMPowerplus Q96 (as well as QVitalize) are metabolized directly to dopamine and
adrenalin and can be very effective in reducing cravings. 

How does the chelation process work?

Because minerals are difficult for the body to digest in pure form, the minerals in EMPowerplus Q96 go
through a rigorous process that wraps them in organic molecules and binds them to proteins the body can
easily recognize and digest. There are many types of chelation in nature and in medicine; the chelation
agents used in EMPowerplus Q96 are natural biological agents that are proprietary, as is that technology.

Can I take EMPowerplus Q96 if I drink alcohol?

Alcohol is not a problem with EMPowerplus Q96. Avoid overuse of alcohol, however, as that can sap
neurotransmitters and lead to depressed moods.

Does the Q Sciences manufacturing process potentially expose EMPowerplus Q96 to food allergens?

No, the manufacturing does not expose the formula to allergens.

Can the iodine in EMPowerplus Q96 cause face breakouts?

For some people, large amounts of iodine might cause a breakout, but the amount of iodine in
EMPowerplus Q96 is minor. One shake of table salt has about as much iodine as EMPowerplus Q96.
Iodine is a vital nutrient, and without it the thyroid can't function, and skin may become dry and rough.

How much calcium is contained in EMPowerplus Q96?

The amount of calcium in 4 capsules of EMPowerplus Q96 is 352 mg. Recent studies indicate that too
much calcium is not a good thing, but one could take up to 6-8 capsules daily for a reasonable supplement
dosage for calcium. The Tolerable Upper Limit or UL for calcium is 2500 mg, and the RDA is 1000 mg or
more for adults.

How much selenium is contained in EMPowerplus Q96?

EMPowerplus Q96 contains 54 mg of selenium per capsule.

I have an elderly family member that sometimes forgets to take her afternoon dose of EMPowerplus
Q96. Will this cause a problem?

Taking 2 capsules once per day is better than not taking EMPowerplus Q96 at all. This supplement will
continue to work 24 hours a day, and while the afternoon dose would be a good addition, having just the
morning dose can still be of significant help.

How long will it take to see results with EMPowerplus Q96?

Individual results vary, but for many people, a week is enough time to feel a difference with EMPowerplus

What is the source of the flavoring in EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana?

The natural flavor in EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana comes from actual berries and bananas. The
manufacturer dries and crushes them to use as flavoring.

Can I take EMPowerplus Q96 with my current medical condition or medications?

These questions should be directed to your healthcare provider. For questions about medications and
EMPowerplus Q96, you may also contact MicroNutrient Support. MicroNutrient Support is an
independent, third party specializing in micronutrient and mental health research and education. Over
the last 15 years, MicroNutrient Support has compiled the most extensive collection of data and research
about micronutrient products and supplementation programs available anywhere in the world. They provide this information to individuals and health care providers. You may contact MicroNutrient Support at 1-866-397-3116 or at www.micronutrientsupport.com.

Can I take sleep aid products with EMPowerplus Q96?

EMPowerplus Q96 will not interact with sleep aid products. However, some sleep aids slow the brain and
other functions the next day. QSleep is a great non-habit-forming alternative.

Do I need to take additional enzymes or supplements to get the full absorption from EMPowerplus Q96?

The nutrients in EMPowerplus Q96 are micronized and chelated, and do not require additional enzymes
to get absorbed into the bloodstream or pass the blood-brain barrier. Many people do experience great
results by adding QBiotics, as balancing the gut flora can make a huge difference in nutrient absorption in
the body.

Why does EMPowerplus Q96 contain phenylalanine?

Phenylalanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is in the food you eat every day. It has many
benefits and no toxicity or side effects when taken appropriately, as in the small doses in EMPowerplus
Q96. It goes directly to dopamine and adrenalin and is useful for energy, stress, fatigue, and pain. This is a
widely used, safe essential amino acid that is produced by yeasts and bacteria as metabolic byproducts in
the breakdown of protein.

Who should not take EMPowerplus Q96 due to the phenylalanine content?

People with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic condition, should avoid phenylalanine.
Also, people who are currently being treated for melanoma should not take EMPowerplus Q96 due to the
phenylalanine content. Those in remission from cancer should have no issue.

I stopped taking a different medication and started EMPowerplus Q96. I’ve noticed that I now feel very
tired. Why?

Coming off of medications can cause fatigue and other symptoms, so you will likely need to give your
body time to readjust. Please note that we do not recommend that you discontinue any prescribed
medications without consulting your healthcare provider. You may also reach out to Micronutrient
Support for more information about medications and EMPowerplus Q96, via 1-866-397-3116 or
at www.micronutrientsupport.com.

Is the folate in EMPowerplus Q96 methylated?

Yes, we use methylated folate in EMPowerplus Q96.

What form of vitamin B6 is used in EMPowerplus Q96?

The form of vitamin B6 is pyridoxine hydrochloride, which is very easily digested and does not cause
stomach upset in the dose contained in EMPowerplus Q96. This form of vitamin B6 is created through
specialized bacteria and yeasts.

What form of vitamin B12 is used in EMPowerplus Q96?

EMPowerplus Q96 contains the cyanocobalamin form of vitamin B12. Cyanocobalamin is more stable
than methylcobalamin; it also requires more methylcobalamin from supplements to equal the same
amount of cyanocobalamin.  It is possible that individuals taking EMPowerplus Q96 will benefit from additional supplementation with vitamin B12. Additional B12 in the methyl form is available in the QB12 spray.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 cause trouble sleeping at night? What should I do if this occurs?

We suggest you take EMPowerplus Q96 in the morning and the early afternoon no later than 5 pm. It is
even better to take the afternoon dose by 4 pm or even 3 pm. If taken in the evening, EMPowerplus Q96
may cause sleeplessness in some people. If sleep is a problem, you might also try scaling back your

What is the source of gelatin in the EMPowerplus Q96 capsules?

The gelatin in the EMPowerplus Q96 capsules is purified pork gelatin. If you prefer a vegan option, try the
EMPowerplus Q96 tablets.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 help with nerve function?

EMPowerplus Q96 helps increase neurotransmitter chemicals, which can boost nerve function.

My child started taking EMPowerplus Q96 and now seems a lot more angry. Is this normal?

EMPowerplus Q96 has been used to effectively reduce anger and improve mood in tens of thousands of
people, many with severe behavioral issues, including children. It may be that the anger is caused by
outside or internal stressors, as things do not occur in a vacuum.  If this persists, however, we suggest you stop EMPowerplus Q96 for a week, and then restart at a lower dose. Then increase to the normal dose after a week and see how it goes (see the recommended dosages
for children above). EMPowerplus Q96 should be used at the proper dose; if your child is taking more
than 4 capsules per day, that might overstimulate him/her.

I don’t have a stomach; can I still benefit from EMPowerplus Q96?

Even without a stomach, you will get great absorption of the nutrients in EMPowerplus Q96 and other Q
Sciences products, as most of that happens in the small intestines and colon and not in the stomach itself.

I read a research study about EMPowerplus Q96 that mentioned olive leaf extract. Do I need to take
olive leaf extract with EMPowerplus Q96 in order to get the best results?

A recent article by Dr. Julia Rucklidge concerned a patient who developed a gastrointestinal Candida
infection that altered the effect of EMPowerplus Q96, which had previously been working very well for
her.  For those with Candida, olive leaf extract can be of great help, but it is not necessary for EMPowerplus
Q96 to work in other individuals. We know that the environment of the digestive system can impact the
effect EMPowerplus Q96 has on any individual, but most of us don't require this additional supplement to
gain the benefits.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 cause low blood pressure?

There is nothing in EMPowerplus Q96 or any Q Sciences products that would cause low blood pressure.
Low blood pressure is a common problem, especially with women, and it is due to internal factors in the
body in most cases. The minerals in EMPowerplus Q96 can actually help keep blood pressure normal, as
can the phenylalanine in EMPowerplus Q96. Phenylalanine is known as a sympathomimetic amine and
these are commonly used to help treat low blood pressure.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 cause chest pain?

The ingredients in EMPowerplus Q96 should not cause any chest pain. If a customer has persistent chest
pain, he or she should speak to their doctor.  Because these capsules are large, they should be taken with plenty of water. Getting a capsule stuck in the throat may cause some chest pain, as can happen with any vitamin and mineral supplement.

Can EMPowerplus Q96 cause me to feel _______?

When people start a new supplement, the tendency is to think that any unusual symptoms they experience
are due to that supplement. There are many, many factors that affect how we feel and what we experience,
including foods, aging, exercise status, sleep, etc. If unusual symptoms persist, try stopping the product
for a few days and starting over to see what happens.

Can I take more than the recommended 4 capsules per day of EMPowerplus Q96?

Please do not start by taking higher than the recommended dose of EMPowerplus Q96. The
recommended dose is 2 capsules twice per day. Go up slowly from there only if needed. If you experience increased anxiety or overstimulation, reduce your dosage.

Can I take EMPowerplus Q96 with other vitamins and minerals?

Because EMPowerplus Q96 is a combination that relies on a precise balance of ingredients, for best
results, we generally recommend that no additional mineral supplements be taken along with it, other
than as recommended by a customer’s healthcare provider.  However, in cases where people may wish to take additional supplements, we suggest you consult the ingredient dose on the EMPowerplus Q96 ingredient label, add the dose of additional supplements you
wish to take, and compare the value against the Tolerable Upper Limits set by the Institute of Medicine
(this information is easily found online). You can then make an informed decision—along with your
healthcare provider—about whether the additional supplement is appropriate for you.

Can I take EMPowerplus Q96 with my current psychiatric medications?

EMPowerplus Q96 may naturally alter your body’s response to psychiatric medications, and is thus not
recommended for long-term use with this type of medication. For questions about specific medications
and possible interactions, please consult your healthcare provider. You may also contact MicroNutrient
Support via 1-866-397-3116 or at www.micronutrientsupport.com.

Why is ____________ included in EMPowerplus Q96?

For a complete overview of all ingredients in EMPowerplus Q96, please view the EMPowerplus Q96
Nutrient Profile, a detailed PDF document with scientific references. It is available for download in the
back office Resource Library.

What is the difference between the Qssentials Men and Women formulas?

Qssentials Men and Women contain gender-specific formulas of QVitalize, an herbal and amino acid
blend for vitality and energy. The other components (EMPowerplus Q96, QBiotics and Q10+) are the

Can I take Qssentials with another medication?

For questions about specific medications and possible interactions, please consult your healthcare
provider. For reference, you can find a full list of the ingredients contained in Qssentials at qsciences.com.

Can Qssentials help with fertility problems?

Qssentials helps tone and coordinate the body and organ functions, which may help encourage normal

Can Qssentials help with addiction problems?

Most addictions key off of a lack of dopamine and adrenalin that so often occur with stress and genetic
predisposition. The amino acid components in EMPowerplus Q96 and QVitalize are metabolized
directly to dopamine and adrenalin, and thus can help with reducing cravings.


What is the difference between the QVitalize formulas for men and women?

The gender-specific formulas of QVitalize are designed to meet the specific needs of men and women.
QVitalize Women includes dong quai and black cohosh root to balance female hormone cycles and help
reduce menstrual and menopausal symptoms. QVitalize Men includes ashwaganda root and rhodiola to
balance male hormones, stimulate muscle growth, and boost stamina.

Why does QVitalize contain caffeine?

Caffeine provides many health benefits. Studies over the past several years indicate that long-term use of
caffeine benefits the brain and may lower risks of prostate cancer in men. Caffeine may also help lower the
risk for Parkinson's disease as well as age-related memory problems. It also provides benefits to the liver
and bowels, and stimulates cyclic AMP, which is responsible for energy production in the body and

Does QVitalize contain tea?

QVitalize contains green tea extract. Green tea extract has many health benefits and may help ward off
cancer. If caffeine is a problem for you, look out for the upcoming caffeine-free version of Qssentials.

How much caffeine does QVitalize contain?

The total caffeine content in 5 capsules of QVitalize (the amount contained in one day of Qssentials) is
about 175 mg. This is equivalent to the caffeine in about two cups of coffee.

What is green coffee extract, and why is it included in QVitalize? Is it the same as drinking coffee?

Roasted coffee is a beverage; green coffee is an herb. Green coffee extract comes from the husks of
unroasted coffee beans, and contains chlorogenic acid, which offers a wide range of health benefits.
Chlorogenic acid’s main metabolic function is to increase the burn rate of carbohydrates stored in the
liver. Green coffee extract may also help the body maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure.

Will the herbs in QVitalize Women alter the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives?

QVitalize may help smooth out menstrual cycles for women, but it will not change the efficacy of
hormonal contraceptives.

How much black cohosh is contained in QVitalize Women?

Each capsule of QVitalize Women contains 100 mg of black cohosh. The daily dose in 5 capsules is 500

I find that the guarana in QVitalize is overstimulating. Should I keep taking it?

If you find QVitalize to be overstimulating, we suggest you reduce your dose or do not use the current
formula. You should be fine to use the rest of Qssentials and other Q Sciences products, however.

Who should not take QVitalize?

Because QVitalize contains herbs that may impact hormone cycles, it is not recommended for pregnant or
nursing women.


What is controlled release technology? How does the QBiotics delivery system differ from other

Controlled release technology delivers precise amounts of an ingredient to the body at a prescribed time,
for up to 24 hours.  The controlled release technology in QBiotics employs a unique mechanism that forms a protective gel
layer around the tablet soon after consumption, and controls the diffusion of its active ingredients out of
the tablet. This delivery system is patented, making QBiotics the only probiotic tablet in the nutritional
industry to achieve gastric acid bypass and controlled delivery to the GI tract over a period of 10-24 hours.

Does QBiotics contain dairy?

The bacteria in QBiotics is grown on a purified medium that does not contain dairy products. QBiotics is
vegan and contains pure bacteria.

Is it beneficial to take more than one QBiotics tablet per day?

Research conducted on probiotics finds that they are typically not a "more is better" supplement. This is
generally the case with any supplement or biologic—the right one in the right amount is key. That said,
some flexibility in dosing is normal. While a single caplet of QBiotics provides what would in normal
circumstances be a good daily dose, some people will feel better taking 2 or even 3 a day, or conversely,
one every other day or even 2-3 a week. Experimenting a bit is fine, but give each change at least a week to
get the full effect and make sure that during that week, nothing else changes—such as diet, increased
stress, etc.—that could alter the results.


Can I use the sprays along with other Q Sciences products?

Yes. QSprays are compatible with all Q Sciences products, and are carefully formulated to be used in
tandem for even greater health benefits.

What is the proper way to take the sprays?

For best results, spray the QSprays under the tongue, between or before meals, not with food.

When should I take the QBoost spray?

We recommend taking QBoost 15-20 minutes before meals.


How does the QBoost spray help with weight loss?

QBoost helps stimulate metabolism to aid in weight management as part of a healthy lifestyle. QBoost
contains garcinia cambogia extract and coenzyme Q10 to help increase metabolism and boost energy.
Garcinia Cambogia extract contains Hydrosycitric Aic (HCA), which helps to block sugar and fats and
aids in suppressing appetites. Coenzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant and plays an important role in

Can QBoost cause flu symptoms like aching and chills?

There is nothing in QBoost that would cause flu symptoms.

When should I take the QSleep spray?

For best results with the QSleep spray, take 8 sprays immediately before bedtime. If you wake up during
the night and have trouble returning to sleep, repeat with 4 to 8 sprays as needed.

Is the QSleep spray safe for use in children?

The QSleep spray is safe but not recommended for daily use in children. Although melatonin has been
used safely in pediatrics for over 20 years, we recommend that QSleep not be used more than 3-4 times a
week in children, so as to not disrupt a child's own delicate hormone balance and melatonin cycles.


How much melatonin does the QSleep spray contain?

The QSleep spray contains 1 mg of melatonin per serving (8 sprays).

How much vitamin B12 does the QB12 spray contain?

One serving of QB12 contains 500 mcg of vitamin B12 per serving, which is equivalent to 8,333% Daily
Value (DV).  While this may seem like a high % DV, studies indicate that only about 10 mcg of a 500 mcg oral
supplement is actually absorbed in a healthy person. A person low in B12 would absorb more depending
on his or her needs. This dosage provides the correct potency to ensure that anyone who takes it will
safely experience the benefits.

How much vitamin D3 does the QD3 spray contain?

One serving of QD3 contains 5,000 IU of pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D3 (150% DV).
Is the QD3 spray safe for children? What is the recommended dose?
The QD3 Spray is safe for use in children. We recommend the following dosages:

  • Ages 2-6: 2 sprays per day
  • Ages 7-14: 4 sprays per day
  • Ages 15 and up: 8 sprays per day

How can I know if I have low levels of vitamin D?

The best way to know if you need more vitamin D is by testing. Recent research suggests that 77% of the
population may be low in vitamin D..

How much vitamin C does the QC+ Spray contain?

The QC+ spray contains 18 mg of vitamin C. While this is less than typical vitamin C supplements, it is
much better absorbed by the body, and causes no stomach upset. The QC+ delivery system maximizes
both absorption and convenience. Sublingual administration provides immediate absorption and
bypasses liver metabolism, which yields higher blood levels.
QC+ is not intended as a vitamin C megadose, but rather a boost of vitamin C and zinc with immediate
benefits that are useful in warding off colds.

Can the QC+ spray be utilized as a tonic for the face in a beauty regimen?

Using the QC+ spray on the face is a great idea! It might be a bit sticky, but it may help vitamin C stick to
the skin to help with wrinkles.

Are the sprays safe in pregnancy or breastfeeding?

While our medical advisory board considers QSprays safe for use in pregnancy or breastfeeding, woman
who are pregnant or breastfeeding should always consult their healthcare provider before beginning any
new supplement program, including QSprays.

Why is there alcohol included in the QSprays? Is the amount safe?

The amount of alcohol in the sprays is microscopic, and is included only to make the sprayer work.

Do the sprays contain nanotechnology? What makes them better than other products?

Sublingual sprays exponentially enhance absorption and deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream
without requiring digestion or liver metabolism. QSprays are formulated to be absorbed efficiently and
contain the perfect blend of nutrients for that purpose. Nanotechnology just means small molecule size;
the key to QSprays is the absorption in the veins under the tongue.

General Product Questions

Do Q Sciences products contain allergens?

All Q Sciences products are free of dairy, gluten, soy and egg.

Do Q Sciences products contain genetically modified ingredients?

All Q Sciences products and their ingredients, including EMPowerplus Q96, are non-GMO.

Can Ibuprofen be used with Q Sciences products?

Ibuprofen can be taken with any Q Sciences product.

Do Q Sciences products help increase neurotransmitter levels?

EMPowerplus Q96 and QVitalize both help boost dopamine and noradrenalin, with a spinoff effect on
serotonin levels. Much of this is from the DL-phenylalanine in EMPowerplus Q96 and L-tyrosine in
QVitalize, which when combined with organically complexed minerals and vitamins help boost
neurotransmitter levels.

Can Q Sciences products impact hormone levels and cause cancer?

No, Q Sciences products do not change hormone levels. While QVitalize increases sensitivity to
hormones in some cases at the receptor level, there is no evidence that any ingredients change levels.

Will Qssentials and/or EMPowerplus Q96 impact thyroid function?

Qssentials contains herbs and micronutrients that support normal thyroid and other organ function.
There is some kelp iodine in EMPowerplus Q96, but not enough to alter thyroid function or
medications—just enough to support normal function.

What if I am not satisfied with a product I purchase?

Q Sciences offers a 30-day product guarantee. If you are not happy with a product, contact the Q Sciences
corporate offices for a product refund.

How can I trust that Q Sciences products are safe?

Q Sciences is committed to providing innovative products with the highest standards of ingredient quality
and product safety. Our Scientific Advisory Board reviews all products for safety based on current
nutritional supplement research and recommended safe ingredient levels.

Do Q Sciences products contain pharmaceutical ingredients?

There are no pharmaceutical ingredients in any Q Sciences products, including EMPowerplus Q96.

Is the germanium in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

EMPowerplus Q96 contains trace amounts of germanium sesquioxide, a form of germanium that is
important for cellular mass in the body. Germanium in this form has been used for over 50 years in a
variety of supplements with no toxicity or safety problems noted. Germanium dioxide is the unsafe form
of germanium, and importing this form is banned in the United States.

Why does EMPowerplus Q96 contain cyanocobalamin as a form of B12?

There is no readily available form of pure B12, as it is very difficult and expensive to extract from natural
sources—and such a process would actually alter the structure. Cyanocobalamin has an advantage over
methylcobalamin in that it is more stable. It also requires much more methylcobalamin from
supplements to equal the same amount of cyanocobalamin.

Is the vitamin B12 contained in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin and therefore toxicity is virtually impossible, as any excess is stored
in the liver for use as the body needs it or is excreted. The dosage of vitamin B12 contained in
EMPowerplus Q96 is very reasonable and safe.

Does cyanocobalamin contain cyanide?

The amount of cyanide in cyanocobalamin is listed as “insignificant” according to the FDA, and its use for
many years proves its safety. Any pit and most fruit seeds contain cyanide, as do bamboo shoots, soy,
spinach, cassava and lima beans, to name only a few. We ingest more cyanide in two tablespoons of flax
seed oil or a handful of almonds than we do consuming small amounts of cyanocobalamin.

Is the vanadium in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Vanadium is an important nutrient for key reactions in the body, including energy production and
muscle and tissue health. EMPowerplus Q96 contains vanadium in trace amounts at a very safe level.

Why is mineral wax included in EMPowerplus q96?

Mineral wax is used in the blending process of EMPowerplus Q96. It is essential when using such small
volume amounts of some of the nutrients that flow agents are used. They enhance the blending process;
otherwise the blend would be inconsistent. In order to ensure even distribution throughout the blend and
provide consistency in the mixture, small amounts of these agents are required.

Is the magnesium stearate in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

The magnesium stearate used in EMPowerplus Q96 is food grade, USP pure and is included in minute
quantities to enable proper encapsulation. This ingredient is used in most multi-component
supplements, as otherwise the ingredients cake and cannot be encapsulated.

Is the silicon dioxide in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Silicon dioxide is one of the most ubiquitous minerals in the environment, and the dioxide form is easily
metabolized and eliminated from the body. It is added to the manufacturing process to improve the flow
of materials into capsules and tablet molds. This ingredient is used in most multi-component
supplements, as otherwise the ingredients cake and cannot be encapsulated.

Is the microcrystalline cellulose in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Microcrystalline cellulose is a non-toxic, naturally occurring plant fiber that is common in supplements
as an anti-caking substance to allow encapsulation. It is included in EMPowerplus Q96 in minute

Is the vitamin B6 contained in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

The pure, natural-process vitamin B6 in EMPowerplus Q96 has been used in vitamins for the past 75 years
with no toxicity or adverse reactions within dosage ranges. It is not any more “unnatural” than the vitamin
B6 produced in yeast or bee pollen.

Is the copper in EMPowerplus Q96 safe? Can it cause increased risk for dementia?

Copper is essential for brain and nerve function, and it is only with long-term, high dose exposure that
there may be increased risk for dementia. If you are elderly and have lived in a house with copper pipes
for many years, you have a greater risk for copper toxicity, but the average person should have no
concerns or risks associated with the appropriate amount of copper involved in EMPowerplus Q96. As
always, dosage is key.  The current UL (Upper Tolerable Limit) for copper is 10,000 micrograms, and several sources (Linus
Pauling Institute at Oregon State University and others) state that in the absence of a disease state, this amount of supplement should be well tolerated. The current RDA of copper is 900 micrograms, and EMPowerplus Q96 is roughly double that amount in the 4 capsules a day dose.

Is the titanium in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Titanium is ubiquitous in our environment, and its danger appears only to be to the workers in the
manufacturing environment, though no clinical studies have definitively linked human exposure to
disease to our knowledge.

Is the nickel contained in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Nickel is a vital trace mineral that plays a key role in many processes within the cells and extracellular
environment. Taking large amounts of nickel over long periods of time can be harmful, but that is not true
of the dosages in EMPowerplus Q96. The nickel in EMPowerplus Q96 is not the heavy metal form, and is
included in an appropriate, trace metal dosage. Since it is chelated, the body absorbs and utilizes it
efficiently and there is no toxicity involved.

Is the amount of nickel in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Yes. The nickel content in the recommended 4 capsules daily of EMPowerplus Q96 is 7.87 mcgs. The UL
(Tolerable Upper Limit) is 1000 mcgs a day.

Can someone with a nickel allergy take EMPowerplus Q96?

Nickel allergy is a contact topical allergy, meaning that it only occurs when the metal is rubbed against the
skin. The nickel contained in EMPowerplus Q96 is a non-metallic form that will not cause any nickel allergy problems.

Is the amount of iron in EMPowerplus Q96 safe?

Yes. The iron content in the recommended 4 capsules daily of EMPowerplus Q96 is 3.65 mg. This amount
is less than 50% of the adult male RDA and less than 25% of the adult female RDA.

Why are polysorbate and potassium used in the QSprays?

Polysorbate and potassium sorbate are included in the sprays in minute amounts to help keep the sprays
mixed and spraying smoothly. These ingredients are not toxic, and have been used widely in the food
industry for 70 years with no reports of adverse effects at all. They are derived from sorbitol, a naturally
derived gum with fatty properties derived from apples, peaches and plums.

Why does EMPowerplus Q96 contain a Prop 65 warning in California?

For those who live in California, EMPowerplus Q96 comes with the standard Proposition 65 warning
about calcium supplements. California labels every supplement with any calcium in it as being potentially
dangerous. This law was put in place because some calcium supplements contain high amounts of lead,
which can cause cancer and other health problems. There is no risk of consuming any lead in
EMPowerplus Q96, however, as the calcium it contains is lead-free.

Who are the doctors behind Q Sciences’ scientific advisory board?

Stephen Kimberley, MD, is our Chief Science Officer, and Bill Moshofsky, MD, is our Chief Medical

Ingredient Quality

Are Q Sciences products organic?

Organic ingredients are used in Q Sciences products as much as possible. However, in many cases,
extracting vitamins from food sources is very costly and creates bulky vitamin mixes that require
chemicals for extraction. Our vitamins are mostly produced by bacterial and yeast cultures in a natural,
non-toxic process that allows each vitamin to be extracted in its pure form with no residue.

Do Q Sciences products contain “synthetic” vitamins? Are these harmful?

The ingredients in Q Sciences products are naturally derived, or derived using natural yeasts and bacteria.
For some specific micronutrients, this is the cleanest way to obtain them, as extracting them from natural
foods would leave chemical residues as opposed to a very clean, sterile and pure process—hence the term
USP pure. This keeps the cost and capsule size reasonable. There is no evidence that long-term use of
these vitamins harms the body.

Additional Statements on Ingredient Quality

Statement from Dr. Clive Spray, on the topic of “natural” vs. “synthetic” ingredients

What do we mean by "natural" or "synthetic"?

This is a philosophical question. I know that most people, when they ask this question, want to hear that we have fields of beautiful plants blowing in the breeze, and that we go out among these plants and harvest the vitamin A plant, and the vitamin B plant and add it to our sprays. It is a nice idea, but for the majority of vitamins it does not happen. The level of most vitamins in the "natural" state is just not high enough to be able to do this. These same people believe that "synthetic" is bad are generally misinformed.  Most vitamins are made by some type of commercial modification of a closely related chemical species.  However, it IS true to say that everything in our products is derived from natural sources.  The majority of vitamins on the market today must be considered "synthetic," although they are "nature identical" and are natural substances.  Even though they may be produced in a laboratory, the end result is a "nature identical" molecule that has a mode of action identical to that of the substance as found in nature.  What we must remember is that these substances as found in nature have been "bio"-synthesized—that is,
the organism, be it a plant, animal, or fungus, synthesizes the substance in question through a series of
enzyme-mediated steps, from simple starting materials, e.g. carbon dioxide and water. When we produce
the same substances in the lab, we duplicate these reactions on a large scale through a series of "synthetic"

A few examples:


  • Vitamin D3: Commercial preparation is by UV irradiation of lanolin obtained from sheep’s wool. Is this natural or synthetic? The process is carried out in a factory, on a large scale. It is a natural process going on in a laboratory.
  • Vitamin B12: Commercial preparation is a microbiological fermentation. A suitable bacterium is fed the appropriate starting materials and the bacterium converts these into vitamin B12. The B12 is then extracted from the culture medium and purified. Does that mean it is natural or synthetic? In animals, B12 is made in the gut by similar bacteria, in the same process. If we eat meat from the animal, or extract B12 from the animal liver, is that B12 any more natural that the lab-made stuff?
  • When it comes to peppermint flavor, the flavoring is extracted from peppermint plants grown in a field naturally. Potassium sorbate is found in nature in some berries. The commercial preparation is from sorbic acid (natural origin) and potassium hydroxide (obtained from potash—natural origin).

This is a very tough question to answer, but it is completely truthful to state that all our ingredients are
derived from natural sources and are found in nature.

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